On this morning's walk, fog was everywhere. We didn't see any chickens or squirrels or other dogs but did come across half of a discarded .45 sitting at the base of a palm tree, approximately 15ft from a day care. It was silver and black, missing the slide and cartridge. Little Dave pissed on the handle of the gun. I reached down, pushed it with my finger, validating it wasn't a toy, while also leaving a finger print in hope that the cops might implicate me in some liquor store robbery or murder. Because fighting for my freedom seems a lot more interesting of a way to pass the time than drifting from 7-11 to donut shop to yogurtland in search of someone/something with a spark.


  1. viktor askew says:

    that was sweet.
    but you should just give up looking.
    we're running out of fire.

  2. jereme says:

    feel like the deciding factor for someone to be a poet is an inherent drive to search for beauty even while drowning to death.

    committing to a reality based on frozen yogurt, must-see-tv and yard sales seems merciful.

    maybe in the next version of reality i'll be the emasculated dad driving a minivan rocking a whip cream mustache from the starbuck's frappucino resting in his hand and everything will feel okay, i'll just exist, like a pussy fart at a disco or something even more mundane than that.

  3. viktor askew says:

    think you wrapped up nicely what being a poet is supposed to be all about. too bad it doesn't apply most of the time.
    imagining the dad whose existence is made better by a frappacino.
    is must-see-tv still a thing?
    what happened to walking around in the rain for getting kicks?

  4. jereme says:

    Yeah, I think genuine poetry is inherently rare. A lot of people try to accomplish it and fail. Some are really good at the mimic game though.

    Maybe must see-tv is dead. I don't know. I blocked that shit a few years ago. Seems more detrimental than fast food, to me.

    Rain is where all illusions fail. In other words, where poetry exists.

  5. viktor askew says:

    guess thats why i've always preferred bowling to most poets.
    anything deemed must see should be viewed as detrimental
    when will fast food become must eat food?
    the sadness.

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