There is laughter; but all you hear is judgement.

I've heard an idea repeated over the years, it goes something like 'competitiveness is an amicable trait remaining from (our) animalistic days.'  It's used nearly exclusively to excuse flagrantly selfish behavior.  Which is a fucking silly thing to do, I think.

People are too cowardly to admit fault and feel compelled to shelter their precious ego by perverting reality.  This behavior isn't competitition.  Deeming it as such doesn't manifest it as truth.

Honestly, the only authentic competition is with death.  We compete to exist, survive, and procreate.  That's it.  Like all animals.

In our coddled reality of modern convenience, there isn't much of a reason to compete. Death is barely palpable.  We exist in abundant frivolity.

When people cite 'competitiveness' they're referencing the behavior of a dysfunctional ego rooted deeply in insecurity. It's an altered state of consciousness; a place of habitual perceived/created threats, where selfishness is god.

Sharing psychological residence with an insatiable monster that hungers to perpetually be first, have the most, get the best, achieve perfection, etc. is detrimental.  It invalidates the feelings/achievements/worth of others and often the perpetuator themselves; because the monster doesn't allow a person to fully be present of their action---it's always focusing toward future threats and trophies, while not genuinely appreciating what it has and ensuring no other person in proximity can appreciate anything.

It's the same energy motivating wars, famine, genocide, poverty, jealousy, depression, trample deaths on black friday, passive-aggressive comments about another person's genitalia, $7 waters, lip syncing, the xbox one, and a seemingly unending litany of negative behaviors, feelings, and actions.

I'm a strong proponent of individuality and its variance.  I think people can do whatever the fuck they want as long as it's consensual.  I don't necessarily like everyone's decisions though.

I want the 'competitive' people--and their enablers--to realize we're all racing to the same permanent nothingness/everythingness, regardless of the number of awards, records, or conquests acquired.

And as the ticker tape of the finish line approaches, there will be laughter; but it won't be your own.  It'll emanate from those who appreciated life like seaweed drifting in the ocean.

And all you will hear is judgement.

A final lullaby of overwhelming terror where you'll realize an entire life achieved nothing meaningful; and despite the numerous actions of immense selfishness to prove otherwise, you're not, or ever will be, more important than a petrified turd from an extinct animal never discovered.

You manipulate, hoard, steal, lie, backstab, subvert, bully, slander, and apple polish because you're weak; and too afraid to progress to a place of strength.  It's a choice, not a competition.

Enjoy it?

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