In 2007, I was on unemployment, hadn't taken a hot shower in over a year, temporarily quit opiates and felt hopeless.  I bought books from internet authors and gave them away because I believed in the power of words to keep a human alive during bleak and agonizing circumstances.

It's almost 2015, now I receive a government stipend of a different nature and battle with hopelessness.  I still believe in the power of words; but not all words.

If being alive feels like running a marathon in death valley with a knife wound in your back,


if the voice in your head is your only friend, worst enemy and part-time lover,


 if you have a deep understanding/appreciation of spiders and an intense distrust of human beings,

then, hey, alienated shithead, this post is for you!

I'm buying 3 copies of 'the collected suicide notes of sam pink' and gifting them to doomed creatures.  All I ask in return is a show of effort.  Email me a pic of you making a 'thumbs down.'  There are no other modifiers.  Just that.  And if you don't have access to a camera or are too stricken with anxiety/depression/self-deprecation/dope sickness/whatever to take a pic, then let me know in an email.

I'll do my best to honor any international addresses, however, if shipping is insane I may rescind my pledge.

Here's an example of a 'thumbs down':

Want to make it clear, if you don't meet the guidelines stated above, but send me an email, I recognize that you recognize you're a selfish, worthless cunt.  And when death comes you'll finally know your entire existence as a shit weasel failed to prepare you for what we're all heading towards, which is when you'll understand genuine terror and loneliness.

I earnestly hope anyone participating and not adhering to the guidelines is stricken with brain cancer and departs this world in severe confusion and pain.

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