His character Cha-Ka for the 70's TV series, Land of the Lost (1974), has become a cult icon. Many people do not know what Philip looks like without his Pacuni outfit -- but that's what adds to much of his mystique and charm. There have been many women over the years claiming to date him and know him in his post Cha-Ka hey-day, but none of them can produce any proof. Just what does Philip Paley look like? Many wonder, but Phillip did appear in one episode without a costume. Phillip went to a Jr. High School in Reseda, California.

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  1. xTx says:

    Never was a big Chaka fan

  2. jereme says:

    Not really, but, seriously, how can you not dig cha-ka.

    You're the type of gal to have wild sleestak gangbang fantasies though. So i guess it makes sense.

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