Omg, are y'all as excited as I am for all these new fall shows on the cable tv!

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  1. steve anwyll says:

    does that still happen?

    shows or excitement

  2. jereme says:

    think if i reactivated and jumped on facebook for 1 second, we would have an answer of 'yes.'

  3. It was thanksgiving one year and i turned from the gay parade and saw that they had made a ALF movie and watched it feeling like a kid again.

  4. steve anwyll says:

    fucking alf.

    when i lived in toronto i borrowed the first season on dvd from a friend of my wife. the friend warned me not to watch it. i should've listened. alf is a smart mouthed freeloading pience of shit. i ended up hating him.

    and isnt he a racist?

  5. jereme says:

    everybody was racist in the 80's. he's my spirit animal.

    watch the alf christmas special, steve. it's on youtube. shit will harden your heart.

  6. jereme says:

    and, I disagree that alf was a freeloader. dude was a prisoner on a hostile planet and instead of being completely crushed by that hopeless prospect, he still kept his smile and sang some songs.

    don't get me wrong, though, dude was definitely a scumbag.

  7. That christmas special about gave me a nervous breakdown.

  8. jereme says:

    it's some proper depressing shit. for real.

  9. steve anwyll says:

    maybe freeloader was the wrong word.

    but for someone trapped on a hostile planet he sure liked to fuck around with willy. the very person who could've fed him to the wolves.

    and dont get me wrong. when i was a kid i fucking loved alf. and wanted nothing more than for him to make it back home. but when i rewatched the first season the little fucker got under my nerves.

    as soon as it starts snowing i'll give the christmas special a shot though. then i'll get back to you about it jereme. i'm getting soft these days. so who knows? i might end up changing my opinion while weeping.

    life's funny that way.

  10. jereme says:

    feel like willy and the family should be grateful because, without alf, that family would have just continued living a trite, yuppy life.

    which is okay for the adults. that's their choice. but to raise kids like that just seems wrong.

  11. steve anwyll says:

    it does seem wrong. and boy. willie and the wife were definitely trite and boring. and probably would've provided the type of childhood i'd rather not have/felt sorry for kids with parents that looked like that when i was young.

    i don't what i have against alf really. maybe it's cause i loved him so. when i was boy. and the episodes just didnt weigh the same after re-watching.

    maybe the christmas special can save my childhood.

    but as a canadian i cant bare to sit through anything that promises shots of snow covered anything just yet. when that special daymare will soon be upon me for real.

    so i'll have to wait to find out. but you'll be the first to know how it makes me feel. and whether or not theres still a place in my heart for that lost soul from melmac.

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