Picture illustrating a valid reason for intense disgust towards human beings.

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  1. steve anwyll says:

    thats going to keep me up at night

  2. jereme says:

    think the part bothering me the most is how it looks like a pedophile in mid o-face.

  3. steve anwyll says:

    dude. that is one content looking pedophile.

  4. jereme says:

    they should make a baby pumpkin with the face of a crying child and sell them together for $315

  5. steve anwyll says:

    those'd sell like hotcakes. i think you're on to something. jack-off-o-lantern maybe?
    also. that willie nelson video up there? i grew up with far less straw cowboy hats but those crowd shots really take me back. to a time when i was a little too young to fully appreciate a woman who loves shotgun willie and tight blue jean shorts.

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