(this is an ask.fm question and response that was deleted within seconds of posting.)

yo fuck you and your "women are weak because they're taught," shitbag. women live in a misogynist society every single fucking day, which isn't fucking weak to me, and they dont seem preoccupied with whether or not YOU, not a woman, understands that they arent weak, fucking "love" for women fuck off

Yo, take your narcissistic rage elsewhere, ya dig? Or, actually, I don't really care. You can be upset over a misconstrued answer. It's okay. I'll be whatever nailed jesus you want me to be. But, in the future, if you want an elucidation on anything, feel free to ask. You can even do so in a mean/hostile tone.

Heck, I want to elaborate anyways but feel like you're just looking to play fight. Which is cool. I like fighting too. But only when I feel there's some substance behind it.

What I will address from your knee-jerking aggression is the misnomer that we somehow live in a horribly misogynistic society. Like, I don't necessarily blame you for misunderstanding what misogyny--or, really, hatred--is since corporate ad slogans and reality television have destroyed the strength of language but, like, the fact that you're here calling me a shitbag is a huge clue we aren't living in a world of female hatred. Or that Ronda Rousey is an UFC champion and more popular than nearly all male fighters, ever. Or that Hillary Clinton holds a high position of power in the white house and looks to seek presidency. Or etc. etc.
Pakistan, yemen and iraqi kurdistant would be misogynistic societies. And they're disgusting.
Previously, our country has been inconceivably shitty towards women. We are currently progressing out of that period. Which means, oppression still exists, very much, and there are pockets of blatant misogyny, but our society, as a whole, is not hateful towards women.

And, call me sassy, but I think using the leverage you have--as a woman in the 21st century--to fight those pockets of genuine misogyny, rather than run around the internet/life with a chip on your shoulder looking to nitpick fights wherever you feel your gender (you) has been slightly belittled would be more beneficial for women as a whole.

Meaning, step into an arena where an actual danger to your safety exists; the opposite of the confines of a north american home where it's very easy to misunderstand the distinction between inherent weakness and embracing the slave master's collar.

But, yeah, grrrrrrr to you too.

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