Sternly believe 'compassion' is a dishonest form of selfishness and any person espousing it does so for self-serving benefits, as if abstaining from purchasing/consuming slaughtered animal products and fronting like that made the world a 'better' place or donating to an organization that--allegedly--will use a portion of the monies to ambiguously help a cause with no actual results seen, known or experienced, is anything but a smarmy way of placating guilt from an acknowledged, unethical exploitation and being too lazy/uncaring/unresolved to effectively do anything about it.

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  1. "They care! They simply are eaten up with caring. They are so busy caring about Fascism or Leagues of Nations or whether France is right or whether Marriage is threatened, that they never know where they are. They certainly never live on the spot. They inhabit abstract space, the desert void of politics, principles, right and wrong, and so forth. They are doomed to be abstract. Talking to them is like trying to have a human relationship with the letter x in algebra." - dh lawrence

  2. jereme says:

    I've always liked that crusty bastard.

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