Recommend reading all the posts on piffle--which was a poetry blog I participated on, ran by ani smith--written by xtx, ani smith and an unreliable witness (vaughan simmons).  Suggest starting from the oldest post and going forward.

xTx's poems are on another level, I think.  This is back when she believed her writing to be subpar and wasn't hanging out with all the mfa fags.

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  1. xTx says:

    "mfa fags"

    (and i still beleive my writing is subpar, fyi)

  2. xTx says:

    wow. reading through like looking through dirty windows in an old house i lived in for a long time.

    that viking poem. the one for you guys.

  3. jereme says:

    yeah, it's like reuniting with the 30-year-old bald dude you dated at age 15, 10 years later.

    the viking poem was really good. if you hadn't been anonymous at the time, i would have seriously considered kidnapping then chaining you to the floorboards in my closet. which would have made you my second piece of furniture.

    feel amazed anybody talked to me back then, especially gena. i was even more anti-social than I am now.

  4. xTx says:


  5. xTx says:

    i said 'heart emoticon" a bunch of times

  6. jereme says:

    i'm glad you translated that.

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