Read some shit earlier today that resulted in lava strength hatred towards a large group of human beings.  Like, mount st. helens intensity.

As someone who's lived on a curb, slept on a couch for 10 years, shoplifted diapers, formula and grapes from corporate-owned markets, worked soul-sucking jobs like 'graveyard janitor' and 'newspaper delivery boy with a suspended driver's license' and 'telemarketer calling from a windowless room furnished with only a 25-watt lamp, plastic picnic table and a telephone' and 'guy making minimum wage to grind very small iron springs in a revolving swiss cheese cylinder who will later sneeze and cough metallic shavings from his sinus cavity for hours at home', commuted on public transportation 6-hours a day, hiked a mile through 4am swampland in sandals and shorts, bicycled on the freeway during torrential rainfall, walked 10+ miles rather than trouble someone for a ride to work/not work, raised a child who's been ran over by a dump truck and lived, been afflicted by life-long illness that's caused statutory blindness, loss of hearing, loss of mobility, decreased cognitive function, crushing anxiety/depression and unending physical pain, I think it's fucking pathetic for someone to start a 'charity' campaign--via a website designed to profit off of begging--exploiting their baby's previous/expired hardship as a vehicle to beg for thousands of dollars to (allegedly) pay off old medical bills--which, if not paid will result in debt collectors calling once daily; oh no!--instead of selling off their insanely expensive MacBooks and/or getting a first/second/third job.

Hey! Hey! Skinny-fat crybabies in their twenties and greedy forever-titty-nursing limp-wrists in their thirties: it's okay to suffer, it's okay to achieve something on your own even if failure replaces your original goal, it's okay to go without internet, it's okay to have the electricity shut off from non-payment, it's okay to not whine about student loans as if they're debt owed to a mob bookie, it's okay to be the opposite of a little bitch that runs to others whenever life gets inconvenient, it's okay to have self-respect, you shameful pools of fermenting vomit, you're whole-heartedly disgusting.

I don't understand the current culture of crumb snatching. Like, don't you people feel gross doing what you're doing.  Doesn't that shit haunt you.

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  1. i dont trust anybody that doesnt have a little belly on them

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