Ranking system for middle-class dads based on 'chill factor'.

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  1. sam pink says:

    'my dad's like, super chill. that's why he doesn't care that i'm a grown up baby who is a useless complainer jr. drug addict fuck up.'

  2. jereme says:

    'dude, my dad's so chill, he flew us to jamaica so i could have a quiet space away from my hectic and wild life and finish writing this new novel for buzzfeed.'

  3. jereme says:

    'ha, bro, my dad's so chill he took me zip lining in ecuador.'

  4. sam pink says:

    the concept of a dad you don't fear and hate seems weird to me.

  5. jereme says:

    just described the conversation gena and i had after driving home from the mcclanahan wedding.

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