I google search my name once every three to six months.  It's not a premeditated thing.  Just something I spontaneously remember to do during times of depression or hopelessness, mostly. Usually, I don't find anything noteworthy.  Sometimes, though, I'll discover a blog page, tweet or whatever mentioning my name.  Almost always, it's a person passive-aggressively shit talking me.  Which always makes me laugh, in a good way.

Today, I found this and feel completely validated in my existence:

The only part that's somewhat insulting is the notion that I can't score superb drugs.  I mean, c'mon, have you seen me?

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  1. sam pink says:

    this fucker has clearly never tried your drugs

  2. sam pink says:

    badass blog header too

  3. jereme says:

    any man who hasn't had a moment in their life similar to the blog header isn't a real person to me.

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