Getting blown and having a dog spontaneously lick the ball of the foot you're dangling off the bed and really enjoying that moment, maybe more than the subsequent ejaculation.

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  1. jereme says:

    okay, but, you know, that means i don't like you. hope you're strong enough to survive the torment from it.

  2. jereme says:

    i might start liking you again. but only if you do this for me: take a whiff of your armpits and describe the aroma.

  3. xTx says:

    i really want you to like me so....

    "so fresh and so clean" (freshly showered) but if i read this last night the report might've been, "Slightly cheesey with undertones of garage floor oil"

  4. jereme says:

    what family of cheese.

  5. xTx says:

    one of the sour ones...but light. you wouldnt need to eat it with a cracker

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