A generation where black wiggers exist.

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  1. steve anwyll says:

    saw some crusty punk kids call a carload of black dudes wiggers a couple of weeks a go. kind of got the feeling it was just a socially acceptable way of being racist on a crowded street corner.

    kids theses days (shakes head in 'comical' sitcom dad manner).

  2. jereme says:

    eh, don't think I consider racism as anything other than extremism. calling a carload of black dudes wiggers seems like the disliking isn't racial, but exploiting race to express dissatisfaction in an unimaginative way.

    maybe later i'll elucidate on what i mean by black wiggers. i dunno if it's worth the effort though.

  3. jereme says:

    where do you live, steve?

  4. steve anwyll says:

    i chalked things up to racism due to the way the fucker growled wigger. but, 'expressing dissatisfaction in an unimaginative way' doesn't sound too far off the mark. but it doesn't sound too different from racism either.

    either way. it's not my fight.

    i'm interested in the black wigger theory. elucidate. it'll be worth the effort.

    i live in montreal.

  5. jereme says:

    i've never been to canada but most everyone i've met from there has been cool enough. seems like a lot of the younger people are reliving 90's america. i mean, at cursory glance through facebook pictures.

    canada has also birthed a lot of remarkable comedians.

  6. jereme says:

    hating someone for what they're born as is racism.
    hating someone for being different than you is bigotry.

    similar, but vastly different types of hatred.

    just seems like calling black dudes 'wiggers' is leaning more towards criticism of their choices, not for who they are. of course, i'm just speculating on the psychology behind the remark. i wasn't there. you were.

    i'll try to write up my thoughts on what it means to be a wigger.

  7. steve anwyll says:

    racism. bigotry. i'm not one to split hairs. pieces of shit always stink.

    interested in what you have to say about wiggers.

    yeah. it's pretty 90's here these days. which i dont really mind. it's kind of like a boner time machine. takes me back to my youth.

    any fav canadian comedians?

  8. jereme says:

    i'm all about boner time machines. i'll try to write about wiggers soon. been preoccupied with dying/not dying lately.

    i think the entire cast of sctv was/is pretty funny. genius level being john candy and dave thomas.

    there's this tv show/movie from my childhood dave thomas did that i've been trying to track down since. it was about these two dudes that worked at a video store and had a spaceship disguised as a car who saved the world from a hair stealing villain named hawkhead.

    even in the land of film, los angeles, nobody has ever heard of it.

  9. steve anwyll says:

    been years since i've watched any sctv but john candy as harry, the guy with the snake on his face, will always slay me. same goes for johnny larue.

    loved dave thomas when i was a kid. something about his grace under fire role kind of killed him for me though.

    i'll ask around canada about the tv/movie. but i wouldn't hold my breath if i were you. ever considered it to be a mistaken childhood hallucination? in saying that. if you track it down it sounds like something i want to see.

    good luck on the dying/not dying. everyone need a little.

  10. jereme says:

    damn, yeah, grace under fire was traumatic for everyone involved. i can't believe that show existed or that butler was fired because of extensive drug use.

    i know what you mean though. dave foley's genius has diminished due to his work in the last 10 years. i often can't believe it's the same person.

    the show does exist. youtube has the intro: http://youtu.be/t-VeY3vazFQ

  11. steve anwyll says:

    no hallucination for sure. but wow. fucking ron james. the cbc rolls that guy out for any east coast heritage 'comedy' gala nowadays. not a human i'd call funny. but i'm sure he has his merits. and what the fuck is that furry thing they got in the cockpit with them?

    and what a premise.

    spent most of last night watching sctv clips. joe flaherty. unsung genius there. wish he had done more.

    here's a classic thomas/candy double feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtK11FJSQBY

    if i remember correctly. i had a hell of a crush on brett butler.

  12. steve anwyll says:

    also. really like the arc this conversation has taken.

  13. jereme says:

    i don't know about dude having any merits. remember thinking thompson's sidekick was fucking lame when i was a kid and watched this thing. can't quite recall what that furry thing is. think it was some sort of dog/alien.

    what i really think it's there for is to pick up for the comedic dearth of ron james.

    i concur about flaherty. he was always funny even in shitty bits. he made a good duo with john candy, much better than eugene levy, i think.


  14. steve anwyll says:

    fuck ron james. that guy sucks.

    count floyd. love that shit. he's brilliant in 3d house of beef.

    the only time i've ever really liked eugene levy was in cannibal girls. but i think that had more to do with him looking like a 70's jewish hipster. why he didnt keep the moustache i'll never know


  15. jereme says:

    damn, can't believe i haven't seen cannibal girls before.

    i mean, eugene was good in armed and dangerous and american pie but both of those roles were low-key, which isn't his normal routine. i think what bothers me the most about him is that he plays so over the top that it's hard to focus on anything other than him being way too over the top.

    i'm always amazed how intelligent/well spoken rick moranis is compared to his roles. he's like a canuck jim varney.

  16. jereme says:

    just envisioned ron james stepping out of a limo and onto a red carpet at a 'canadian legends of comedy' show in toronto, vacillating his smiling face from side to side while waving a hand at paparazzi, then a faceless person in the crowd yelling, FUCK RON JAMES and everybody slowly nodding in agreement, as if they had just woken from the effects of a voodoo spell.

  17. steve anwyll says:

    i just found cannibal girls about a year ago. had the same reaction as you. it's also got a cute young andrea martin.

    never saw armed and dangerous. seems like it came out during a time i was unconscious to the world of entertainment. and anything else outside my own head.

    i liked levy in best in show. that kind of gave him some respite i found. but at the end of day his hair will always leave me unsettled.

    i will forever refer to moranis as the canadian jim varney. or vice versa. as a mckenzie brother he immortalized the canadian shithead. with uncanny perfection.

    and as all of canada awakes from the voodoo spell ron james sheds a tear. knowing that it's finally time to pay the bill and leave. a 'career' ended.

  18. jereme says:

    damn, dude. for real, you need to peep armed and dangerous. it hasn't soured with age and still funnier than 99% of any comedy movie from the past 10 years.

  19. steve anwyll says:

    yeah. theres this block of about ten years, maybe more, where i have no clue as to any entertainment (movies, music etc…). kind of like i was living in a black hole. theres a ton of popular shit that means a lot for people my age that i dont even know exists. kind of funny.

    but i found a streaming copy of armed and dangerous. dude. john candy was the best at doing a scared/uncertain voice (rescuing the cat comes to mind) and he is one of the most believable tough guys ever. sure he looks like you just want to hug him all day long, but you know johnny larue lives somewhere in his soul.

    the sex shop scene was priceless. also when the owner of the the security company says the world is a shithole and everyone is a piece of shit. amazing. i laughed for quite awhile over that.

    thanks for the recommendation.

  20. jereme says:

    i feel that black hole living. sort of wish i didn't know a lot of the nonsense i know. but it's always humorously alienating to intimately loathe most everything people my age really love.

    john candy is multidimensional but most people focus on the obvious aspects of his humor. like, dude is a juggernaut compared to farley or later iterations of the fat guy comedian.

    i immediately felt a kinship with candy when i first saw him as a kid. and I still do.

    also, think he genuinely enjoyed being in drag, not like hey this is fun, more like, god, this feels like the normal me.

    a very young, extremely depressed me watched armed and dangerous as a distraction from panic attacks because always being alone at night while my mom was out working really fucked with my sense of reality. felt free from anxiety and existential terror during the scene at the end where candy gets picked up by the redneck truck driver who's so grateful for a break in the banality of his life that old boy grows a shit eating grin, yee-haws like a visit to his first strip club and then plows through traffic.

    that scene has popped up in my mind a lot over the years and it always makes me momentarily feel okay with being alive.

  21. steve anwyll says:

    i get the same satisfaction from having no clue about anything from my block of cultural blackout. everytime someone cranks up a song or quotes a movie that is some kind of generational marker from that period i just stare blankly. sometimes shaking my head. but inside my soul is smiling.

    although as a kid it gave me no amount of grief from the other kids who were tuned in.

    i get that candy kinship. something about his smile. his face. just looks like he'd be a fucking super sweet uncle, as seen in uncle buck. when in drag he is super comfortable. moves with a grace some of his fat guy comedian predecessors haven't been able too match.

    also feel his awkwardness is something that shines through from his everyday life. it's just too good.

    i really like the idea of a scared little boy turning to john candy for some relief from night time anxieties. like he's some kind of super hero.

    love how john candy at first is terrified of the trucker but is yee-hawing like a mothefucker as he gets in the groove.

    also, been meaning to say that the pic in your header looks exactly like this kid i went to high school with who loved his ladies large. uncanny.

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