Epiphany and subsequent reoccurring nightmare that in 60-100 years a global culture will exist and corporate marketing campaigns are going to dictate all our personalities.

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  1. steve anwyll says:

    makes death look pretty good hunh?

  2. jereme says:

    viva la shotgun.

  3. sam pink says:

    personally, i enjoy living in a world where anything you say that isn't a reference to an existing movie/song/internet thing/whatever isn't understood at all and is a cause for others to think you're weird

  4. steve anwyll says:

    sam pink and the silver lining to the dark cloud of society

  5. jereme says:

    there are man made islands off the coast of huntington beach. they've been there for a long time. their purpose is to suck a viscous liquid from deep underground so human beings can have saran wrap, 99 cent stores and the fuel needed to propel them from shopping mall to fast food eatery to corporate owned coffee houses. today there was a seal prone in the sand, the tongue protruding out of its tiny head and it had this facial expression, like, i don't know... like, what i imagine someone who's suddenly murdered by a loved one would contort during that brief moment of realization before nothingness. there were no visible wounds or marks. the seal was just there, unliving, in the sand, and over the waves i could hear a faint humming as machinery worked the earth.

    a lot of people will disagree but monica was the only hot one on friends.

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