On January 13, 2008 the words 'fuck all y'all' were permanently tattooed on the back of Brad Renfro.  2 days later, he died from a heroin overdose.

 17 days later, Brad's grandmother, who raised him and encouraged his acting, died from natural causes.

4 years later, James Franco made a short 'art' film depicting a temporary tattoo being applied to his shoulder with a switchblade.  It said 'brad'.

Franco then released a limited edition switchblade inscribed with the words BRAD RENFRO FOREVER, costing $850.

Renfro and Franco met on the set of DUECES WILD in 2002.

And, according to Franco himself, the two never met again.

A seance was supposed to take place after the screening of Franco's 'art' film, but, after the Q&A, he decided to cancel it because 'it didn't feel right.'

There's one not like the others in this story.  Can you figure out which doesn't belong?

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