Here are pictures of a Suicide Girl making a snow angel, then giving that shit a thumbs down.

This human being writes words, too.  Her first book was recently released as part of the New Bizarro Author Series.  It's called There's No Happy Ending.  It's about a girl who has to save her dude from an overbearing mommy--we've all been there!--so they can get their fuck on before the world collapses.  So, if you're a romantic who's also a fan of exploding the planet earth, check the book out, yo.

Plus, man, the cover art...

Unsure why Bruce Cambell is holding a gnome who's trying to suck his own giant dick but I fully support it.

2 responses to STOP-MOTION SCREAM

  1. sam pink says:

    you know it's thumbs down all day til the motherfuckin world blow. is she drinking 'fernet branca'?

  2. jereme says:

    my eyes can't determine what she's drinking. let's go with yes, fernet branca.

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