I really like this by Scott "Soft Hands" McClanahan.

My granny was a nurse.  They always have interesting/sad-as-fuck stories.

Once, she told me about an elderly lady who admitted herself because of a boil on an inner thigh, right next to her vagina.  Another nurse lanced the thing which caused a 10-minute puss and blood downpour.  The woman just stood there, frozen in fear, withered pussy hanging in the free air, as the fluid that kept her alive drenched her legs, the floor, the nurses.  It took several rolls of gauze before it clotted.  Then the lady fainted.

Read Sam Pink's new book, Witch Piss.  Think it's his most technical work.  All the ass biters who believe his previous writing is easily achievable--which it isn't--will break their teeth post witch piss.

It's an honest portrayal of honest people.  It's also a love poem.  Here's something from it:

I pictured a bulldozer pushing his bed away as he sat on it, holding onto the sides yelling, “Gah be kiddin me!”—Janet speeding behind in her wheelchair.

Read Juliet Escoria's Black Cloud.  I dug it.  Seriously.  Related to a lof of the stories despite the author being a woman and myself being a man.  The writing is like the way taking a mild opiate during a severe depression makes you feel.
I enter the subway. I’d like to let myself boil over, rip open my chest, but people expect so much of me and there’s no room in this world to let it go. I am afraid, because I want to do something questionable. I want to steal from you, to break you, I want to kiss you on the cheek and punch your quiet mouth. I want to fuck that man at my work, the mean one with the bad hair, who tempts me because I know he is bad, just so I could ruin the heart of the man who gives himself to me. I tell myself it is because my boyfriend doesn’t understand what I go through, not really, but this is a lie; the bad man understands me much less.

What I'm saying is that if you've finally reached exhaustion for contrived irony, moronic pop culture allusions and cardboard writing and want to finally experience some fucking heart, read anything from the trio above.

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