A kung fu style that's a series of flourishing thumbs down gestures causing your opponent to collapse and question his/her self worth.

If done properly, no can defend.

7 responses to MONOTONE POLKA-DOT

  1. sam pink says:

    laughed imagining you doing this with like, the sound effect of something whipping through air

  2. jereme says:

    that's exactly how i imagined it too. also, with wide windmill sort of moves.

  3. sam pink says:

    imagined you throwing two live lobsters at someone then performing a five hit thumbs down combination

  4. jereme says:

    one lobster has a mini-bowler strapped to its head while the other has puckering cartoon lips.

  5. sam pink says:

    had a vision of myself, such that it's 'through my eyes' of a thumb appearing down right in front of my left eye with a wind whipping sound then a thumb appearing down in front of my right eye with a wind whipping sound, as if my attacker was like, behind me, or possibly nowhere/everywhere.

  6. jereme says:

    just asked my magic 8-ball: do yo like me. it responded with a tiny thumbs down.

  7. sam pink says:

    magic eight ball that only has the thumbs down and 'who is you' as the options

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