I keep having these moments where I witness a person saying something very limited, like an epiphany an intelligent toddler would have, but the person is two to three decades older and what they're saying is perplexing, like, holy shit, dude, are you unaware of climate change outside the embrace of mother's snatch, and then I feel an agitation in my gut, sort of like a ship sinking in an ocean of horse shit while the captain is staring at his hands waiting for eventual death, and I try to shake the feeling away by attributing it to my immense negativity, which I almost do, but then several other people speak up and tell the intelligent toddler person vague affirmations, like, "wow, great perspective" or "real talk" or "I never thought of it like that before" and then I imagine a horizontal guillotine destroying the soft necks of almost every fucking person alive in america, especially the young.

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