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  1. sam pink says:

    to me, he didn't reach his full potential until he was in 'bloodsport.'

    BUT, that's just me.

  2. jereme says:

    Ray Jackson, not to be confused with Raye Jackson, though, she's probably just as fun loving and mean.

    The video game Ray and Frank play when they first meet is Karate Champ. I used to rock that shit all the time when I was small and neglected.

    Block the jump kick then round kick that face off.

  3. sam pink says:

    my two favorite parts of 'bloodsport' are

    1. when they first go to the kumate (sp?) and frank dukes' (sp?) manage introduces him to that guy who runs the tournament and the manager says how frank is from the U.S.A and then the tournament guy just looks at frank and puts his thumb up and loudly/deeply/awkwadly says, "ok USA."

    2. when chong lee goes up to frank dukes and says, in a voice that clearly does not match him, "you break my record, now i break you!!"

  4. jereme says:

    Oh, yeah, Bolo didn't speak English at all when BS was made.

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