I saw a homeless man today.

He was walking on Fairfax and Santa Monica.

Making motorboat noises with his mouth while aggressively thumb downing objects/people.

I felt a deep and serious kinship with the guy.

Wanted to grab a couple tall boys and climb Mount Lee with him.

Stare at the city.

Thumb down everything.

The small people I couldn't see.

(thumb down!)


(thumb down!!!)


(thumb down!)


(thumb down!)

The entire westside.

(thumb down!)

Larchmont Village.

(thumb down!)


(thumb down!)

The Oaks Gourmet

(thumb down!!!)


(thumb down!)

The Sunset Strip

(thumb down!)

Plastic surgery

(thumb down!)

We could have lived forever up there.

Surviving on tall boy nutrition and the warmth of our disgust.

But I didn't make an approach because I figured the ol' thumb down would be given.

And, fuck, I couldn't bear disapproval like that.

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  1. sam pink says:

    imagining you walking up to him and saying, "hey i just want you to know, i'm a big fan of..." then he slowly raises his thumbs down hand to you while maintaining eye contact and you swallow hard while nodding and then you say, "oh, ha, ok, fair enough." and immediately fall to the sidewalk, shivering on your side.

  2. jereme says:

    Thinking about having a thumb down icon on my gravestone.

  3. Raye says:

    This was probably my favorite thing I've read here, I've been wanting to say that, but every time I think of saying something like that it seems terrible. I guess my other favorite thing was like...something you...you posted a bunch of pictures of people from your Facebook friends and then wrote things about them. I looked for it, but I couldn't find it. I'm afraid to tell you which character I relate to most from Revenge of the Nerds to be honest.

  4. jereme says:

    I took that post down.


  5. Raye says:

    Please don't be offended by me asking this, but like...do you have a twitter?

  6. jereme says:

    No. My cell phone is a burner. It literally cost $20 from walmart.

    I can barely text on it.

    People have said I use my facebook like twitter though. Whatever the fuck that means.

  7. Raye says:

    I just asked because, like, sometimes I go sit at the train tracks to, like, think about stuff, because that's a good aesthetic. A sad, low life person, "thinking" about stuff by the train tracks. Anyway, for some reason, I was thinking about how you asked me if I had ever fucked a black guy, and I thought about all the people you could @ on twitter, "Have you ever fucked a black guy, did he taste like a stereotype?"

    I just really wanted that to happen, and I know how that must sound out of context, but I don't care. Nobody knows me, nobody knows me.

  8. jereme says:

    The idea of @ signing a bunch of people on twitter makes me want to go sit alone at the train tracks.

    Plus, I don't give a fuck what dudes taste like.

    I was just curious of the psychology behind white girls suddenly wanting to fuck black guys. In the nineties if you asked white girls if they wanted to have sex with a brother, the immediate response was a disgusted facial expression followed by "EWWW... GODDDD, NO!"

    Originally I asked you because I felt you'd provide a near honest answer.

  9. Raye says:

    That's not what I meant, lol. After rereading though...I didn't really explain what I actually meant, like at all. I don't even know why I mentioned it, I haven't been sleeping, and I work all the time, and it was like this inside joke that happened in my head after not sleeping for like a lot of days in a row.

    This is more of what I meant, like how it happened in my head in three parts.

    Part one : You asked me that, and then you said I was "the most promiscuous person you know" and I thought, "What an asshole," but like..not in a "mad" way, just in a way where when someone says an "asshole" thing, you're like, "Oh. What an asshole, haha."

    Part 2: I was at the train tracks and I was like...thinking about twitter, and people "tweeting" about being like depressed/alienated, and then other people @ signing them and like replying by saying something about how they are also depressed and alienated, and everyone's like, "haha." And then, for some reason, I was like, if I had a twitter, I would @sign someone's depression tweet with "Have you ever fucked a black dude, did he taste like a stereotype?" And then like replying to that reply I would say, "Oh, you're just...you're like, the most promiscuous person I know. Just wondering." Like, I just thought of that being a hilarious way to respond to like ANYTHING someone said.

    Part 3: This is just like a...you know, summation...so, I stopped thinking of it as just being funny on twitter, and started thinking of it being funny in "real" life. Like, yesterday, I was like working on this "film noir" shoot, and I was like...imagining asking people that, like, men, women, whoever, and it seemed especially funny because I never talk, and I imagined them retelling the story of me asking them that to another person later in the day. It just became like, a 'thing' in my head. I wasn't implying that like...you should ask people that because you cared about the answer/genuinely wanted to know/whatever.

    K bye.

  10. jereme says:

    Heh, I think if being an asshole were an Olympic event, I'd be the anchor of the US team.

    I didn't mean it in an asshole way though. Promiscuity isn't necessarily bad. At all.

    (btw, gena said I was an asshole too when I retold her what I originally asked.)

    I don't actually intend to be an asshole, I just come off that way.

    Do you have a twitter?

  11. Raye says:

    I don't think you're an asshole, like, "for real," lol.

    I don't use any like...social media. It's not like a "thing" it just makes me feel insane.

  12. jereme says:

    Yeah, I abhor social media. I made a facebook really late and it was just to talk to Gena back in the day.

    I have a policy though. I accept all incoming friend requests and send no outgoing ones. Also, I don't disfriend anyone. They have to remove me. There's been 2 exceptions to the rule though.

    Now I just use facebook as a distraction from my degrading health. Partly because I can't concentrate on anything for very long now, partly because I like talking with people (except I almost always realize how much I hate talking with most people).

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