I posted those videos because I've noticed people have a very large misconception of what Hollywood is.

Tourists from all over the world come here, to ride around in roofless vans, gaze at cement stars and get hustled.

Parents bring their children...  always been unsure why.

I mean, Hollywood most likely has less crime now than it has had for the past 30 years.

Which is like saying a hungry cobra with one broken fang isn't dangerous.

I've witnessed/experienced a lot of crazy shit since moving here.

And have come to the realization that the longer I stay the more deaths I'll be connected with.

The third video posted, the shooting of cars on Sunset and Vine, I used to smoke weed with that dude's lady.

We both frequented the Liberty Bell Temple (a medical marijuana shop).

She was petite and attractive, rare qualities for a hollywood pothead.

The first time we met she didn't talk much.

Something rolled underneath a couch and she bent over to pick it up.

But she didn't just bend over.

She went prone on the floor, reached under the couch to grab the lost paraphernalia, then inched backwards while raising her ass in the air and held a yoga-esque pose for 5 seconds.

Putting it out there, "take me where I am," for anyone stupid enough to mount.

The girl was always complaining about her boyfriend too; how the snow was ruining him, his infidelities.

So, for the most part, I avoided talking with her.

A few months later I heard the news: he lost it at the tail of a month long cocaine bender after she quit the relationship.

He went out in the street, with a gun, and tried to take as many lives as he could.

Fortuitously he was a bad shot.

And only killed one person: a music producer.

(good job)

The humorous/shameful part of the story, the one the news didn't comment on, is that the Hollywood PD station is about 1.5 blocks down Vine; walking distance.

Those pigs must have been terrified.

They just let him shoot at people for a while.

Sitting in their small castle, grateful for unearned safety.

Waiting for his ammunition to deplete.

Then shooting him down.


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